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Reunión Anual 2016, UGM


SE24-1 Plática invitada

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Brant Foote
Research Applications Laboratory, UCAR


SE24 Conferencias plenarias Sesión especial


The atmospheric environment impacts human endeavors in a wide variety of ways. Many commercial companies experience inefficiencies and safety concerns in their operations without knowing how to reduce or otherwise mitigate them. Society is increasingly aware that natural disasters associated with such things as tropical storms, heavy rain, flash floods, landslides, and coastal inundation are a major source of loss of life and property. An increase in the number of people moving to hazardous areas increases the exposure and exacerbates the problem. Global change is expected to increase the vulnerability to natural hazards for many regions even further. Research in the atmospheric sciences has led us to the point of having an understanding and a predictive skill enabling the provision of timely warnings of many kinds of hazards. The ability to mitigate hazards depends not only on predictive skill, but on the vulnerability and actual response of the economic sector involved, or the people at risk. Thus, social science is often a key player in helping to solve a practical problem. Decision support tools are needed that combine atmospheric prediction with operational practices (for example, for aviation, agriculture, water resources, civil protection, etc). In this talk examples will be shown of recent work from the author’s laboratory in the areas of aviation safety, hydrologic prediction, wind and solar power forecasting, and climate and human health using a variety of approaches. Applications-oriented research has the potential to open non-traditional sources of funding for research (for example, from the private sector), and also offers exciting opportunities for scientists to see the fruits of their research benefit society.

Unión Geofísica Mexicana, Reunión Anual 2016
Del 30 de Octubre al 4 de Noviembre, Hotel Sheraton Buganvilias
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, México